Small loans for £500

Doorstep Cash Loans Up To £500

At Morses Club we know that people don't always want to borrow thousands. That's why we provide a variety of small cash loans to our customers. If you've been saving for a new car or a holiday and need help with the deposit, then a £500 loan could be all you need.

Helping you get what you want

Setting savings goals is always a great idea. Don't miss out on a great deal because you are just short of your goal - borrowing a small amount and making small affordable repayments can ensure you get what you want with no unnecessary worry.

Avoid the cycle of debt with home collection loans

Morses Club will only lend you what we know you can afford to repay. This is assessed by our local agents once you have been approved in principle for a loan. This will help you to borrow the correct amount for your circumstances. There's no point having saved for something to end up worse off - and we try to avoid this.

A name you can trust

We have been a home credit provider for over 130 years. It's fair to say that we've learnt a bit over all this time. We know that to stay on top of your finances you need to borrow, repay and save sensibly. A £500 cash loan could be the start of this for you, so why not apply today.

Representative Example:

£200 loan repayable over 20 weeks at £15.00 per week, Rate of interest 50% fixed; Representative 756.5% APR, Total Amount Payable is £300.